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entrepreneuras a serviceproactively & on-demandfor £699 per month

Let me be your entrepreneurial buddy,

your personal WebRingmaster.


self-made video, incl. voice over

With a strong background in advertising & communication, back in 2001, I designed the very first european magazine fully dedicated to mobile entertainment services (when logos where B&W and ringtones…monophonic), SMSMAG, distributed via street marketing teams in BE, FR & UK, which generated 4M+ mobile downloads. I also developed an innovative B2B service dedicated to the real time correction of wrongly spelled logos & ringtones requests, which was used by the main EU players in the early days of mobile entertainment. The platform evolved to become the first “mobile contact centre”, handling a variety of txt-based requests. This gave birth to the SMSCASH concept in late 2005, the first txt-based consumer loan service, sold to Laser Cofinoga (FR) in July 2006 after grossing 15M euro of loans production. Having completed those two mobile/internet ventures, I invested as an active business partner / VC in a spin-off of ATC Management (London), managing the careers of The Boxer Rebellion / The Staves / Fink. I’m still active on the indie scene, occasionally promoting concerts in Belgium and in London. I also ran a boutique label (Les Disques Modernes), which signed two BE bands and released in the UK the album of an iconic Belgian act (K’s Choice). In october 2010 I co-promoted the Belgian edition of the European Japan Anime Live tour (arena manga & anime show). In 2011 I realized my childhood dream by writing & producing my first family circus show, Le Rêve d’Igor by Le Cirque Moderne, which was staged in two different versions for more than 150 performances in 2011 and 2012. In 2013, I returned to the mobile scene with, a web app enabling anyone to create micro websites in a snap. In 2014, I self-published a historical novel about La Belle Epoque & WW1, inspired by the story of my ancestors. In 2015, I’m launching, offering my entrepreneurial skills as a service, enabling a limited roster of SMBs to build an engaging online presence. 

TV5 programme

My Passion for London

RTBF news

My Circus Years

RTL programme

My Historical Novel

Robert Scoble in SF

The Adsy Web App

£699 ex VAT per monthall inclusiveI will provide actionable strategic advice.I will help you grow in a cost-effective way.

More than a plan, it's a partnership

  • After a series of exciting solo projects, I've decided to give back to the community
  • I will take on board a maximum of 20 clients per year (annual contract).
  • Application-based selection process
  • I'm passionate about craftsmanship, I'm a web artisan.
  • I'm not selling a usual consulting service, I'm focused on operational outcomes.

I will set up your web presence

During the first month of our collaboration, I will
  • understand your target group & business model
  • determine your ambitions
  • define KPIs (key performance indicators) to evaluate my contribution
  • create your first landing page (and variations) + a dedicated page on
  • set up analytic tools
  • set up your mailing list(s) and start collecting leads
  • create a one-page responsive website (like this one) and start your blog
  • create your 1' explainer video and, if needed, a 2' demo video
  • open & seed your social media pages, on all major outlets + market/country-specific networks
  • start feeding you with actionable competitive intelligence via a private Slack channel

I will provide actionable strategic advice

  • I will collect news related to your industry to give you a digest of actionable strategic advice
  • I will suggest interactive promotional campaigns
  • I will implement those campaigns & provide detailed reporting
  • When agreed, I will run advertising campaigns on your behalf (excl. advertising budget)
  • I will take care of SEO
  • We'll be in touch constantly via a private group in Slack

I will find & suggest the best tools for your business

  • I will scour the web to find the best tools adapted to the needs of your business.
  • I will always find the most cost-effective solutions.
  • I will set up those resources, zero learning curve for you.
  • I will plug those tools into your usual workflow.

I will create multimedia content

  • I will create video, text and visual content to support your communication strategy.
  • I will be your storyteller.
  • I will localize your content when needed (excl. translation budget, except for ENG, FR & NL, included in my fee)

I will activate your web presence

"Being" on the web isn't enough. It's all about the engagement.
  • I will activate your presence on a permanent basis
  • I will generate meaningful conversations
  • I will implement transactional plugins: e-commerce, event registrations, bookings, affiliation,...
  • I will grow your community
  • I will drive conversions

I will be your entrepreneurial buddy

  • I will craft and grow your online presence as if it was for my own business.
  • I will contribute to your bottom line.
  • I will act both proactively & on-demand.
  • I'm an entrepreneur, just like you.
  • let me be your entrepreneurial buddy, your personal WebRingmaster.

my daily toolkit

I master the tools,

so you don't have to

offer limited to

20clients per year

clients per year
I am a web artisan


100% self-made (incl. VO)

explainer, Starsmade

100% self-made (incl. VO)

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